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You may be able to find answers to your questions in the FAQ section, but if you need further assistance don’t hesitate to contact us. Please email us or contact via Skype for help with our VIP Partner Program. We will do our best to answer your inquiry to the best of our knowledge. Be sure to use the email address on your account and provide specific details including your Clickbank ID in order for us respond effectively to your inquiry.

For all inquiries contact:

Your Partner Manager: Ray Hill
Skype: TBA

  • Who gets the sale credit from clicks on your blog?

    Click bank uses last cookie, however we do not use an affiliate ID in the blog posts to ensure that our affiliates get credit. Note that none of the auto responder links for the blog links write any cookie whatsoever. They do pass through VTID which is a vendor tracking URL, so we can understand where your sales came from, however there is no affiliate cookie written aside from what whoever sends the last click as per click bank.
  • Am I paid on upsells and recurring subscriptions?

    Yes, commissions are paid on upsells on a 60 day cookie, and any reoccurring commissions are paid for the lifetime of the reoccurring item.
  • How do I track subIDs (individual landers, blog posts, etc.)?

    Clickbank’s affiliate data is limited to how much information can be passed to a vendor. If you’d like to track specific landers that you have promoted in order to get stats based on each lander type, then simply append a TID. You can do this by appending &tid=INSERTID at the end of your affiliate url. By doing this it will provide you specific data related to the lander of your choice. Tracking IDs are codes you create of up to eight alpha-numeric digits that are added to the end of your Hoplinks, like this: In this example link, ‘zzzzzzzz’ is your custom Tracking ID. This ID can be anything you want, and it allows you to decipher which of your advertisements or promotions are the most successful. You can find more about the use of TIDs with Clickbank here.
  • Can I use use your logo, videos, images, or replicate your site?

    You may not design or create any of your properties/websites/landing pages, explicitly or implicitly, in a way that resembles or mimics our website or landing pages, or take any action that could cause any customer to believe that your web page is a direct property or product of or any of our affiliated businesses. You will not use any of’s logos, banners, videos or creative content on your pages it has been provided to you in writing with expressly granted permission for that use. You may not abuse this permission by using given resources beyond the scope of what is defined explicitly in your written authorization.
  • Is direct linking allowed?

    Certain ad platforms are banned for use by affiliates using “direct linking strategies”. If there is a question on this meaning, please ask your affiliate manager. You are of course welcome to advertise your own website on any network you choose, and then send those leads/clients to in your funnel at the stage you choose. The following networks/platforms are banned from direct linking and direct buys for (these may change at any time, at our sole discretion) Facebook including Instagram, Google, & BING. The following networks require pre-approval for use, if you would like to be a premier affiliate, contact your affiliate manager for help and approval to use the below networks. (these may change at any time, at our sole discretion) Yahoo, AOL, Taboola, RMX.
  • Is there a threshold to be met before I’m paid?

    Yes. When your affiliate account hits the $100 threshold, payments are paid according to the affiliate tier you were at during the period which generated the sale. During our New Year Launch period, commissions will be at 65% across the board.
  • What about returns and refunds?

    Due to’s customer first approach, with extended return and refund policies of 1 year, commissions are paid to affiliates 60 days after each sale is generated and in accordance with Clickbank terms and conditions for payment.
  • What if I’m not compliant or am found breaking the rules?

    We practice a zero tolerance policy for non compliance. There will be no allowances or warnings. If we find that you are in violation of our terms, your account may be immediately suspended or terminated, and all pending payments made will be forfeited. Our Partner Commissions Agreement details this.
  • What are the restrictions to promote Numerologist?

    You should not send any paid traffic to us from Facebook or Google. Best practice is to send paid traffic to your own website/ blog/ platform, and then send us your leads from your own site. Please view our Partner Commissions Agreement to ensure that you’re in full compliance.
  • What if I don’t have a Clickbank account?

    You should sign up for one so you can play! Go here to register your account.
  • Do you use first or last cookie?

    We cookie first-referrers, so the earlier you mail, the better! Not only does it give your subscribers time to open your emails, but it gives your opt-ins a greater chance to convert!
  • Where do I get my links and assets?

    Make sure you are logged in and go here and you will find your links and assets.
  • Is direct linking through native ads permitted?

    Highly encouraged as no one is touching it. Be sure to understand what native ads are and what direct linking is. If you are caught direct linking incorrectly and not following our guidelines in the Partner Commission Agreement then your commissions will be forfeited.
  • My question was not found here, how do I get in touch with your affiliate manager?

    Please send your queries to and you’ll be attended to promptly.